Optimal Digestive Function For the Frequent Traveler

Optimal Digestive Function For the Frequent Traveler

Taking off with the right food paves the way for landing with your health. When it comes to nutrition, there needs to be a mind set for the jet set. While flying the friendly skies, flyers are faced with many physical challenges in a toxic environment-chemicals, medications and toxins have a tendency to accumulate within our bodies over time.

The inconvenience of finding good, nutrient rich food on the road triggers the liver and the digestive tract to overwork. When they cannot function at an optimal level, the body becomes depleted and begins to fail. Once food choices are rethought, a body will strengthen resulting in increased energy and stamina.

It is essential that the digestive tract be in tip top shape. Bacteria in the digestive tract must work for and not against the traveler. Normal friendly flora, the good bacteria in the gut, will survive best when there is plenty of fiber in the diet. Healthy flora will help fight infection. All immune systems are meant to keep bacteria in check. When a body is in a balanced state, it will rid toxins naturally. Fiber can be found in most healthy vegetables. Using flaxseed (grounded or oil) is a great way to incorporate more fiber into the diet. Dosage must start out small (1-2 grams) then gradually can be increased to 4-5 grams.

While on the road, simple meals will digest best. Fats do not digest well with air travelers. Overindulging will not only contaminate the blood, but will produce digestive fermentation. Eating protein early in the meal or eating fruit alone aids in the digestion process. Fermented foods such as tempeh, pickles or sauerkraut will enhance intestinal flora. Yogurt and miso will also improve the bacteria in the stomach.

Here are a few healthy digestive guidelines for the frequent traveler looking for optimal digestive health:

Dairy-a quality yogurt is fine as is kefir or a low fat cottage cheese
Grains-read labels carefully. Stay away from refined flour. Brown rice and whole grain pasta make a huge difference.
Oils, nuts and seeds-buy raw nuts that have not been seasoned. Have a handful a day.
Boosters-add a green food mix into the diet. It is a powerful way to grab the minerals into the diet. Alfalfa sprouts aid in digestion.
Fruits and vegetables-they are a powerhouse of fiber, vitamins and minerals.
Beverages-pure, filtered water, diluted 100% fruit juice or green, herbal, or black teas. Green tea will increase the intestinal flora.
Supplements-always carry acidophilus, no refrigeration necessary formula.

So fly away to better health. Arm the body with good food and a healthy lifestyle. Stay grounded with holistic therapies while embarking on the invigorating journey to wellness.

Cheryl Murphy, Bauman Certified Nutrition Educator and Lifestyle coach, nutrition blogger and a Flight Attendant for the past 15 years focuses on holistic nutrition outlines for flight crew, frequent flyers and people under stress. Get in touch with Cheryl and fly healthy on Cheryl’s website, http://www.flyingwithhealthysolutions.com