Traveler Tip: Sleep in the Airport

Traveler Tip: Sleep in the Airport

One of the most expensive parts of the holiday is often the hotel. And if you’re staying at an airport hotel so you can be ready for flight the next morning, the rooms are usually more expensive than the airport hotels. If everything we do is sleep anyway, why not save that money and spend it on vacation instead? Airports are often deserted at night anyway, so you can sleep well at night and not be late for your flight, and will not cost you a dime. It may sound like it could be a little humiliating, but the practice is growing in popularity – there’s even an entire travel community dedicated to sleep the airport, and is no longer just for young backpackers who are poor. Today travelers can find all ages and all income levels, sound asleep on the floor of the airport and banks around the world.

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Some people are forced to sleep in an airport during the night anyway because of airline delays, bad weather or unforeseen problems of flight, so it is not new at all, and airport staff have been million times. You probably will not see anyone you know anyway to put aside his pride, don your sense of adventure, and put away your wallet.

united airlines reservations is a great website dedicated to the idea of saving money by avoiding airport hotels. The site has a list of airports that are rated best and the worst for travelers who regularly sleep airport. When it comes to friendly staff, facilities for travelers, and comfortable seating arrangements, the top rated airports in the world are in Singapore, Dubai, Munich, Seoul, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Zurich, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur. Surprisingly, some of the worst airports in the world are in some of the most fabulous cities – Paris, Hanoi, Rome, London, Los Angeles and New York.

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If you find the idea intriguing sleep Airport, you should do a little research online first to see what you can find tips on how to do it successfully. The most important tip to remember is to always have a backup plan in case something interferes. Not all airport officials support the idea, although probably not be removed, you may be asked to prove that you are expecting a real flight the next day, and you could be grilled on why not stay at the hotel airport. So be prepared to answer any questions that you ask us, and be polite and friendly, and most likely to be left alone to sleep in peace.

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Make sure you have a survival kit designed especially for sleeping airport. Believe it or not, a cheap set inflatable pool, or even a trip mattress, folds well and contribute to a more comfortable sleep on a hard floor of the airport. At some airports, you may not sleep on the floor, but it is good to have a mat on hand in case you can use it. There are other things that are useful in your survival kit:

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earplugs and blindfolds to increase the likelihood of getting a good night’s sleep in peace.

Bottled water and something to eat because most airport restaurants and shops are closed at night.


disinfectant wipes, for cleaning can be a problem at the airport, and help you make sure your “bed” is less covered with dirt.

Books or magazines to help pass the time and fall asleep.

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A small pillow or blanket preferably taken from an airline. Some companies even have blankets and cots for passengers to use if you have to stay overnight unexpectedly, so it does not hurt to ask!

An alarm clock to make sure you do not miss your flight. Alternatively, you can even use a post-it as an alarm clock – just write “Wake me up at 6 am” In a note, stick a few in yourself, and people really wake up!

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Tissues and toilet paper, especially if you might sleep in an airport in a third world country.

Getting to the airport early so you can reach the best area to park at night, especially during the summer peak travel season. It really will be the busiest airports, mainly in the departure halls. Arrivals areas tend to be deserted because when people get there, do not stay. But on the other hand, can be a lot of people in the arrivals area, waiting for flights from their loved ones to land. It varies from airport to airport.

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If you are approached by airport personnel who question what you’re doing, do not act like you’re sleeping there on purpose – giving the impression that you’re really unhappy to have to spend the night at the airport. Better for them to have mercy on you and treat you with empathy to think that is replacing the airport to a hotel. Be courteous and pleasant, and not just airport staff. There are probably other airport sleeping around, so quiet and leave.

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Above all, have fun and take full advantage of the situation. The best travel adventures are the ones who will remember long after returning home, and intended to spend the night at an airport is an adventure to remember!

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